Scalp’s BFF


A reset button for scalp congestion, irritation, or build-up, designed to boost shampoo, and/or conditioner, with deep cleaning, all-natural actives. Ideal for all hair goals, or types, in need of a fresh start.


Magnesium: A vital mineral that decalcifies & purifies built-up toxins deep within hair’s follicles.

Cypress: A congested scalp’s best friend, this ancient ayurvedic tree’s oil has been said to promote thicker, more voluminous-looking tresses by tackling stress at the root.

Lemongrass: A lemony non-photo toxic oil used to combat the appearance of scalp flakiness or irritation.

*This booster does not double as a leave-in treatment, but rather as a deep-cleaning, stand-alone, scalp purification mask instead!

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