Happy Face, Body & Hair Mist

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This anti-inflammatory, de-stressing, and antioxidant rich combination of Bergamot, Sandalwood, and Ginkgo Biloba tackle worried skin in its tracks. H.A. + B5 both boost and lock in hydration. Aloe and cucumber both quickly calm and soothe the look of dry or irritated skin. Witch Hazel, an apothecary’s best friend, has been prescribed for a wide variety of skin ailments for centuries and was selected for its wonderful ability to tone, balance, and refine the look of pores. Witch Hazel is also especially useful for inflammation caused by bug bites!
Ideal for a wide variety of skin types, including Normal, Combination, and Dry, or Youth Boosting skin concerns. This versatile face and body mist offers both happy skin and a happy mind, with subtle, yet effective aromatherapy sure to induce more smiles.


  • Bergamot: Ideal for oily, or problematic, skin types, bergamot’s antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties make this the perfect solution for worried skin. Don’t worry, be happy 🙂
  • Sandalwood: We recommend this essential oil for its anxiety calming benefits in addition to its exceptionally high antioxidant profile. For happy skin, we must address oxidative stress.
  • Ginkgo Biloba: Its anti-inflammatory and microcirculatory effects are famous for their ability to de-stress and promote blood flow, thus combatting visible imperfections.
  • H.A. + B5: Our go-to power couple ingredients that both boost and lock-in hydration.
  • Vitamin E: A powerfully nourishing antioxidant and oil-soluble vitamin that never goes out of style when it comes to skincare

Our bergamot is Bergamotene-free (non photo-toxic)

How To Use

Mist onto clean, dry skin, twice daily as needed for dryness.

20 reviews for Happy Face, Body & Hair Mist

  1. Helped with my dryness

    Chloe K.

    I struggle with a lot of dryness and this totally helps to save my skin throughout the day.

  2. Works Wonders!

    Zoe A.

    I love the product! I can’t believe how good my skin looks and feels!

  3. Fan for life!!!

    Luna H.

    AMAZING!! I love the fact it doesn’t have harmful additives and chemicals. I can see the difference in my skin.

  4. Game Changer!

    Hazel Q.

    This mist is amazing! I’ve never used a mist like this before. It makes me feel happy and refreshed and my skin loves it.

  5. Super light

    Vianna M.

    The formula is really light and refreshing. I like to use it after I wake up and use it as a mid-day refresher.

  6. Everyone needs this!

    Vilet L.

    I absolutely love this face & body mist, works like a charm. I absolutely love how subtle the smell is.

  7. Super hydrating!

    Jasmine L.

    This mist feels great on the skin and refreshes my dryness.

  8. Absolutely fantastic!

    Mila Z.

    THIS PRODUCT WORKS WONDERS! Definitely repurchasing!

  9. So lovely

    Jennifer G.

    This mist is great. Makes my face feel really soft and it’s super hydrating.

  10. Smells so good.

    Kate P.

    I love this face mist. It works well with my skin and smells fantastic!

  11. Amazing formula

    Brandi W.

    Their description of this product really doesn’t lie. This mist is great for eliminating dryness and enhancing the skin.

  12. A must-have!

    Isabella R.

    The name says it all. This product makes my skin happy!

  13. Liquid gold

    Robin L.

    In the past month of using this, my skin has done a complete 180 degree flip. Cleared and softened up my skin almost instantly!

  14. Soothing spray.

    Heather D.

    This mist has made my skin look and feel better in only a month.

  15. Great for the price

    Finley A.

    Leaves my skin with a glow… can’t beat the price either.

  16. Y’all are SLEEPING on this product!

    Oakley Z.

    Helps refresh the skin without leaving it tacky or heavy, and it smells great. Love it!

  17. Amazing mist!

    Jael P.

    I am a redhead with fair skin. I got this to spray on my face instead and I have become addicted!

  18. Cool and refreshing!

    Amy M.

    It’s nice, lightweight, and provides me with the moisture I need to get through the day.

  19. De-Stressing

    Claire C.

    I love using this throughout the day after stressful meetings to help me get back in the zone.

  20. Effective

    Alison F.

    GREAT face mist. This is my first-time purchasing this, but I’m definitely buying again when I ran out.

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