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This naturally de-stressing Ayurvedic trio of Bulgarian Lavender, Ylang Ylang, and Ashwagandha combat oxidative stress at it’s root by actively fending off pollutants, irritants, and other damaging external skin stressors. Say goodbye to stressed, inflamed looking skin and say hello to adaptogenic relaxation. H.A. + B5 both boost and lock in hydration. Aloe and cucumber both quickly calm and soothe the look of dry or irritated skin. Witch Hazel, an apothecary’s best friend, has been prescribed for a wide variety of skin ailments for centuries and was selected for its wonderful ability to tone, balance, and refine the look of pores. Witch Hazel is also especially useful for inflammation caused by bug bites!

Ideal for a wide variety of skin types, including Normal, Combination, and Dry, or Youth Boosting skin concerns. This versatile face, body, and pillow mist offers relaxation for an overly stressed complexion and mind, using famously serene, and subtle, yet effective aromatherapy.


  • Bulgarian Lavender: A gentle, naturally antibacterial moisturizer ideal for calming worried, irritated, acne-prone, or dry skin. Packed with powerful antioxidants, this relaxing flower is also capable of fighting against free radicals, which can damage and age skin.
  • Ylang Ylang: Known for its ability to promote deep relaxation with its rich aroma, this amazingly versatile tropical extract is also useful for balancing oil production while soothing the look of inflammation or irritation.
  • Ashwagandha: Its abundance of antioxidants and amino acids make this one of the most powerful adaptogens in Ayurvedic healing. This magic herb works to prevent oxidative stress as it actively fends off pollutants, irritants, and other damaging external skin stressors.
  • H.A. + B5: Our go-to power couple ingredients that both boost and lock-in hydration.
  • Vitamin C: A TrustRx staple for healthy skin, this essential vitamin is also a potent antioxidant capable of neutralizing free radicals.
  • Additional Ingredients: Deionized Water (Aqua), Musa Sapientum Fruit Extract, Glycerin, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, PPG-26-Buteth-26, Potassium Sorbate, Propanediol, Hamamelis Virginiana Leaf Extract, Panthenol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Alcohol, Cucumis Sativus Fruit Extract, Hedychium Coronarium Root Extract, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Lavandula Angustifolia Oil, Cananga Odorata Flower Oil, Withania Somnifera Root Extract

How To Use

Mist onto clean, dry skin, twice daily as needed for dryness.

24 reviews for Relax Face, Body & Hair Mist

  1. Christina Patterson

    will see if it wll work on me

  2. Amy R.

    I highly recommend this! I love a spritz of this on my face in the morning. It is so refreshing and it feels hydrating.

  3. Mia O.

    My best friend bought this product for my bday. I absolutely LOVE how instantly refreshed my skin feels. At night I also spritz it on my pillow and it relaxes me so much. I love it!

  4. Antonia G.

    This holy grail product is my secret to an easy bedtime for my little ones. Just a few sprays to their pillow and a quick story and they are out.

  5. Taylor T.

    Love using this both in the morning and night time. I feel relaxed and refreshed everytime I use it. I will definiately be buying again once I run out.

  6. Carla W.

    This product is a favorite as i love the any stress relief product. It’s so light and refreshing.

  7. Harry Robinson

    no changes in my skin yet

  8. Diana Foster

    Fresh and hydrating for a Summer sun kissed face.

  9. Robert Phillips

    Will buy again for sure

  10. Brighton C.

    I always lightly spray my face every morning, and my skin is so soft and has a glow to it! I definitely recommend this for everyone.

  11. Andi D.

    My pores practilly vanish everytime I use this. OBSESSED!!!!!!

  12. Stormy R.

    LOVE this mist! It wakes me up in the mornings and feels so nice and soothing on my face.

  13. Marie P.

    My skin has been super dry this winter. This has really helped to keep my moisturizer locked in throughout the day. Lifesaver!

  14. Taylor M.

    Feels soothing on the skin. Perfect to keep in my bag for the day.

  15. Stella R.

    I truly love this product. Super refreshing and the price is fantastic.

  16. Kaylyn K.

    Gentle on my skin and refreshing. Good facial mist.

  17. Deborah Green

    I love this product I use it to set my makeup and refresh throughout the day love the gentle scent also.

  18. Elizabeth Q.

    Excellent mist! Works well with my sensitive skin.

  19. Ridley N.

    I love this stuff! It smells great. It’s light and refreshing. It’s not sticky/tacky/oily and absorbs well.

  20. Willie Washington

    I use this product before It works really well in keeping my skin hydrated for the workout

  21. Mark Diaz

    Skin feels so fresh and moisturised after using this mist!!

  22. Sara Turner

    Love the freshness it gives to my face after a long day of work. Used recently in the Australian desert and was so good for keeping my skin hydrated in the dry weather!

  23. Dennis Moore

    It’s so light and I feel so refreshed.

  24. Michael Scott

    love this prod so much!

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